Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Cupping therapy is part of the Chinese holistic treatments that are utilized to help control pain and many other conditions. It is not as commonly known in the United States, as it is in other parts of the world. However, it is starting to gain attention due to the testimonials. This oriental medicinal treatment can be quite pleasant. The first herbalist to have ever reported using these methods was Ge Hong and this was back in 3000 AD. He was a Taoist herbalist that became quite famous for his radical methods that stimulated blood flow and promoted healing. In holistic treatments, there are benefits to using all sorts of methods from heated cups to the benefits of high doses of Vitamin C.

How Cupping Therapy Is Preformed

Cupping involves using small cups or bamboo jars and places them on the skin. To get the suction to develop, the inside must be swabbed with alcohol and then lit. Once the cup has been lit, they must be placed immediately on the skin. The flames never come in contact with the skin, and the cups are not hot enough to burn. The cups can be moved across the surface and to the desired location. This is called gliding cupping. The surface of the skin and the superficial muscles are drawn into the cup area. It’s sort of like massage therapy, but rather than applying pressure to the muscles, it pulls the muscles upward. Most find it relaxing, and since the cups are only left in place for about 10 minutes, it doesn’t require a significant time commitment. It may seem radical, like knee stem cell, but here are some of the benefits.

• Treats High Blood Pressure By Sedating the Nervous System
• Targets Meridian Channels and Opens Them
• Can Target Tissues Up To Four Inches Deep
• Can Help With Colds and Congestion
• Can Treat Anxiety, Migraines, Stiff Muscles and Cellulite

The Benefits Cannot Go Unnoticed

There are reports that people with pulmonary tuberculosis were cured using ancient cupping methods. It causes toxins within a specific area to be released and allows the blood flow to resume. It has been especially helpful for those with back and neck problems. They can restore blood flow to the area and ensure that more aggressive measures are not needed. Many people have heard about glutathione benefits and side effects, and they wonder if there are any side effects with cupping. There will be a small bruise where the cup is attached. However, that will go away within one to two weeks time. There are no side effects to this therapy, and the ruminations are vast.

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