Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is used both as an alternative and complementary medicine. It entails the use of very fine needles which are inserted in the acupressure points of the body. Acupuncture is based on the belief that energy flows through this meridian point. Therefore, by insertion of these needles, it enables the energy to be released and allowed to flow freely and thus leads to healing. The benefits of acupuncture are that it can be used in the treatment of a number of disorders, conditions and illnesses. First, it is very effective in the treatment of pain and inflammations. For this reason, it is used in the treatment of arthritis, back pain and headaches. The therapy can also be used to ease pain during other therapies or after acupuncture. Additionally, it helps treat asthma and infertility issues.

Other Alternative and Complimentary Therapies

For whatever illness or condition that you may be suffering from, there many therapies that are capable of treating you. Some of these therapies include:

• Hydrogen peroxide therapy
Hydrogen peroxide therapy is a form of oxidation therapy. During the therapy, hydrogen peroxide is administered to the body so as to increase the oxygen levels. In so doing, the treatment acts as an antioxidant. Some of the hydrogen peroxide therapy benefits include detoxification, treatment of infections and cancer.

• Neurofeedback therapy
Neurofeedback therapy adhd is a type of therapy that utilizes biofeedback in order to train the brain self-regulation. The therapy utilizes a reward system of music, game or movie. It is mostly used in the treatment of ADHD.

• Stem cell therapy
Stem cell therapies involve the administration of one’s cell to an injured tissue. This way, it reduces the chances of cell rejection.


Although acupuncture is very beneficial, it is not without its side effects. One of the side effects is that it may cause infections in the areas where the needles are inserted. Also, if the needles are inserted wrongfully, it may lead physical harm. It is for this reason that one should seek the services of a qualified and certified doctor so that nothing goes wrong during the procedure. Also, before undergoing the therapy, you should seek the advice of your doctor. This is in case you have a condition or illness that may not allow you to have an acupuncture, such as, blood thinning.

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