Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Explaining the history of acupuncture can be explained as something discovered by the Chinese hundreds of years ago leading up to the time of common era. The Chinese were determined to discover non drug therapy for treating certain ailments. Initially acupuncture treatment was done with the use of sharpened bones and stones. As treatment became more modernized the Chinese began using needle therapy as a form of acupuncture. In the early days of acupuncture the idea was to alleviate pain and relieve a person of certain conditions that may be considered threatening to their health. In the early days of acupuncture patients may have received some relief from treatment. However, because of lack of knowledge and modern techniques some people ended up with infection due to poor sterilization technique and procedures. Vitamin C iv benefits include:

  • Vitamin C can boost the immune system.
  • A person may be less susceptible to colds and flu.
  • Helps skin appear more youthful.
  • May prevent cancerous tumors from spreading.

Other Therapies & Injections

In addition to Vitamin C therapy, Glutathione injections are still used in treating certain conditions. Glutathione injections side effects can include nausea, vomiting and non-reversible liver damage. Therefore caution needs to be taken when receiving Glutathione therapy. Platelet rich plasma injection can be used to increase overall platelet count within the body. Some diseases such as Cancer can cause a drop in platelet count which in itself can be quite harmful.

Acupuncture Treatment & Procedure Examined

As acupuncture became more widely known and accepted it spread to other countries including the United States. Acupuncture has become quite modern and is used today for a number of health related reasons. Patients seek relief through acupuncture to treat migraine headache, back pain, certain orthopedic related conditions and some psychological disorders. Acupuncture has been effective in helping some people kick their smoking habit. Smoking can have serious health consequences over time. Therefore, acupuncture has been successful in helping some people stop smoking indefinitely. 

Acupuncture is not effective for some people and traditional medicine may be the only remedy. However, acupuncture is still considered by some patients as well as their physicians. The fact that acupuncture is considered a drug-free alternative is quite appealing to some people. Acupuncture is performed by inserting tiny needles within certain parts of the body. It is believed that insertion of these sterilized needles can target certain pain points throughout the body. Once the needles are inserted they are kept in place for a period of time before being removed. After a series of acupuncture treatments some people claim that they are either pain free or their pain has been reduced.

Statistics: Decisions Regarding Acupuncture

There are acupuncture centers located throughout the United States. It is best to research acupuncture centers within your area before agreeing to have any acupuncture treatment performed. There are statistics associated with acupuncture treatment and success rates. For example, it should be documented the amount of people seeking acupuncture treatment with in a given period as well as the rate of success or failure. Statistics as well as the existing condition may help a person determine is acupuncture in fact is right for them. Some conditions may not respond very well if at all to treatment of this nature.

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