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Acupuncture is a type of healing that began before recorded history. The philosophy behind the method is from over 8000 years ago from the Taoist tradition. People from this time would observe the energy flow inside and outside the body and meditate. They would also observe man’s connection to the universe and nature. Sages during this time would observe nature and discovered the connection in the universe of creation and reception and this interaction creates life. This discovery was named yin-yang and has become the major philosophy behind Chinese Medicine. The most prominent sage of the time, Fu Hsi found that the fusion of yin-yang creates a third aspect. He found that the triplicity takes place eight times and, as a result, the Book of Change (also known as I-Ching), or the eight trigrams and 64 hexagrams came about. I-Ching has helped shaped Chinese Medicine as well.

Two Time Periods

Primitive China was separated into two different time periods:

  • The Old Stone Age – this time period took place 10,000 year ago.
  • New Stone Age – took place between 10,000 to 4,000 years ago.
  • Tools During the Old Stone Age – knives for medical procedures were made from stone.
  • Tools During the New Stone Age – fine needles were made out of stone and became useful in healing instruments.

The most important Acupuncture milestone took place during the time of The Yellow Emperor, Huang Di, between 2697 and 2597. During a conversation between Qi Bo, his physician and Huang Di, they talked about the Chinese Medical Arts spectrum. Later, the conversations they had became The Yellow Emperors Classic Internal Medicine or The Nei Jing. It is the earliest Chinese Medicine book ever written.

Acupuncture Today

As time has progressed, research on acupuncture has continued. During the 1950’s to the 1960’s further studies on acupuncture anesthesia, ancient texts, the effect on internal organs, and the effect on a variety of diseases have been conducted. Since the 1970’s to present day, the practice of acupuncture still plays a vital role for Chinese medicine. China leads in the research of the clinical effects and application of acupuncture.

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