Tuesday, September 22, 2020

When considering acupuncture therapy, it is often a common question to ask how deep the needles will penetrate. Visions of needles going deep into the skin and causes some sort of panic and anxiety for those who have never had the procedures performed. It’s a common question for first-timers and a legitimate one too. Why use acupuncture? Well, when knee troubles are present knee stem cell replacement helps. When pain is a problem, many turn to this Chinese art.

The Way The Needle Is Inserted Matters

Homeopathic remedies are becoming huge for pain relief. For those who suffer from cancer, high dose vitamin c ivs have been helpful. For those who suffer from headaches and muscle aches, acupuncture seems to be a dream. For each person, the depth at which the needles are inserted will be different. First, it all depends on where on the body the needle is being injected. For instance, a needle that is going into the hand won’t have to go as far as one that is going into the buttock. An area on the body that has a great deal of muscle or fat requires the needle to be placed deeper. There are instances where the needle must go a full two or three inches inside the tissues. Consequently, when dealing with the hands, feet or other areas that are largely fleshly, they will likely only need to go in a few millimeters. Why are most acupuncture procedures completely painless?

  • The Needles Are Very Small and Thin
  • The Angels Used Are to Ensure Comfort
  • It is A Time Honnored Practise that Takes Years to Learn To Do Successfully

The Various Styles of Acupuncture

One also must consider the style of acupuncture that is being practiced. Auricular acupuncture uses short needles that are very tiny in size. The Japanese Style acupuncture uses needles that have a shallower insertion than that of the Chinese-style. The angle at which the needle is inserted also will determine its depth. Traditionally, any needle that is inserted at a slanted angle won’t go in as deep as a needle that is put straight in. In wrist acupuncture, the needles are put barely under the skin, but the needle is threaded, but it doesn’t go any deeper than an inch or two. Most say this method is painless and if there are any sensations felt, it is being done incorrectly. Those who worry about glutathione side effects don’t have to worry with acupuncture. There are no side effects other than some tenderness at the injection site, it is a safe way to find pain relief.

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