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The combinations of Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion have long been used as a medicinal therapy for a variety of health conditions. During the past decade, the practice has been introduced into the western culture and more widely accepted as a holistic form of treatment. Acupuncture triggers the nervous system, while moxibustion initiates the circulatory and immune systems of the body. It’s the blending of both methods that help to intensify the treatment’s benefit.

In clinic settings both methods are used during the same session with a trained acupuncture practitioner. Acupuncture in Miami is using cupping acupuncture, which is also a heat treatment used for detoxification. The Chinese believe physical illness is a result of an imbalance of qi or poor blood circulation. These two treatments stimulate the blood flow to improve the body’s circulatory and immune systems restoring good health.


Acupuncture is a treatment using special very fine needles, which are inserted into specific points of the body and it’s painless without any side effects. The legacy of acupuncture treatment uses the art of balance, working with the flow of energy in the body to treat pain and other health conditions. From a Western practitioners’ viewpoint acupuncture is an acknowledged method used to stimulate nerves, and muscles, encouraging the body’s release of natural painkillers into the bloodstream. Improved circulation is noted for helping the body, improve many health conditions.

Health Conditions Improved:

  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Reduction
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Better Blood Circulation


Moxibustion is a heat therapy using the dried leaves of a Chinese herb called mugwort, which belongs to the family of aromatic plants known as genus Artemisia. The leaves are rolled to form a stick that’s burned over the acupuncture pin or a specific area of the body without touching the skin. As the skin begins to redden from the heat some patients can actually feel the warmth travelling through the body’s pathways.

The belief in using moxibustion is also to restore the body’s qi energy, which is governed warmth and movement. A deficiency of the energy in the body is signified by the presence of coldness through various areas of the body. In some cases the patient learns to use moxibustion at home between appointments to strengthen the body and the effects of the combined treatments.

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