Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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Did you know that 1/3 of Americans have seasonal allergies? Allergies can be such an irritation. It is said that acupuncture can help relieve this! With Dr. Martin Dayton in Miami, you can receive acupuncture treatments for seasonal allergies! Some over the counter medications can be good, but can also cause unwanted side-effects. Acupuncture doesn’t cause any side effects. This is why research and study is such a good way to look into what you can do to help with your allergies. Now you’ve found a solution. Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a healthy healing way of treating many things. It allows the body to heal naturally and helps treat disease, pain, injuries, or illnesses. There are significant spots on the surface of your body that can be stimulated by acupuncture to help heal these things. These points are stimulated with acupuncture needles. However, there are other practices, such as the westernized version, that can be stimulated with lasers. Regardless which method you choose, there are no chemicals entering your body what-so-ever. I know what your thinking. Where has acupuncture been all my life? A way to treat my allergies without chemicals entering my body? Without any side effects. Yes, it’s all true.

There are two different ways to go about treating seasonal allergies with acupuncture. They refer to these as ‘root and branch’. A branch would be an acupuncturist focusing on the symptoms during allergy season. The root would be them focusing on the immune system during off season. They say the acupuncture is most effective if the treatment starts right before the allergy season. This gives the acupuncturist enough time to get in the amount of treatments necessary to being your body’s healing process and help prevent seasonal allergies.

It is said that all allergies have elements of dampness. Determining the allergy between heat and cold conditions can be one of the first things the acupuncturist looks at when deciding on treatment. There is a treatment called cupping where heat is put in and out of a cup on the surface of the skin in any certain spot. This helps create a vacuum effect to help pull things such as phlegm out of the body. Healing herbs are also something an acupuncturist might consider. A lot of times they will incorporate this into the treatment. It is said that herbs being added into an allergy treatment can make quite a difference.

How many treatments would it take to treat seasonal allergies? It is said that with a combination of weekly acupuncture sessions and Chinese medicine can surely clear a person’s seasonal allergies. But it really all depends on the individual and how their body takes to treatments. Each weekly treatment tends to last about 20 minutes and can take effect very quickly.

The body has the amazing power to heal itself when given the opportunity. Why deal with the unwanted side effects like drowsiness  With acupuncture Miami beach, you can be relieved of these symptoms in no time. Do your research and find what’s best for you. Acupuncturists are the very best at what they do and are there to help your individual needs.

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