Friday, September 18, 2020

Chinese acupuncture is an ancient therapy whose origin was based on zhezancientz is based on the ideology that one form of pain in whatever place a human’s body can be remedied by application of another pain in some other parts of the body. This is usually by professionals who would stick tiny needles on various parts of the body to help relieve the pain. This is usually used in treatment of situation like head aches and pains in the neck. It used to be a very brutal method back in the days but eventually was integrated into the modern therapies and they are functioning on so well.

Therapies that are related to Chinese acupuncture

Vitamin c therapy

This is a therapy that is based on the fact that vitamin c can be used to kill cancer cells. The problem has however been that some physicians do not believe on the authenticity of such believes and have turned down any allegations that they can kill cancer cells. But one fact that stands however is the fact that vitamin c is used to boost the immune system of an individual and what happens is that the body is protected from possible infections. The problem though is the fact that high dose vitamin c IV can cause side effects.

Prp therapy

This is another form of therapy that bases its believe in the fact that platelets are so good in enhancing the healing of injuries. Platelet rich plasma is a process that involves the drawing of blood from an individual and then enriching the sample with platelets before finally injecting it back to the injured area. The following is the procedure followed by prp therapy:

  • Drawing of blood from the patient
  • Using centrifugation to enrich it with platelets
  • Injecting the sample back to the injured part

Some of the therapies involved like glutathione therapy have side effects. Glutathione injection side effects could be dangerous when not remedied in time.


All these therapies that are parts of Chinese acupuncture are very important in remedying specific health issues. The problem that is very common with most of them is that they come with a lot of side effects and what this implies is that we should always be looking out against poor method of subjecting one into either form of therapies. Always know the competence of the physician who is handling matters of your health.

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