Thursday, October 22, 2020

The use of alternative medicine has become more popular among many cultures. There are numerous options available now which can include forms of medicine that are popular in China, Japan, and even some Indian cultures around the globe. One such form of medicine is acupuncture, which can be used for general well-being but also for sports.

General Acupuncture

Acupuncture in general can be used for many needs. By using needles, an acupuncture treatment can help relieve pains from muscle spasms and help with circulation when there are tissue injuries. This is done by manual or electrical stimulation to the needles.

The methods to acupuncture are based upon TCM theory, or otherwise known as traditional Chinese medical theory. Along with acupuncture, where the balance is seen as yin and yang in the body, other alternative methods of medicine may include diet change, exercise, and herbs.

Sports Acupuncture

When athletes are the clients, acupuncture can provide benefits that can increase their performance level. This can be done by placing the needles at particular trigger spots on the body. This is a specialized treatment for those who participate in sports that can allow for muscles to strengthen or relax depending on what is needed. Researching acupuncture and sports injuries could quite possibly be the best choice you make.

How Acupuncture can Treat Sports Injuries

Athletes may use acupuncture for many reasons, but some have found that it is beneficial for certain things. Acupuncture is extremely beneficial when sports injuries are in question. Just some of the ways that one may benefit from treating injuries with this treatment method is that the range of motion is increased. This in turn will allow for the muscles affected becoming stronger when participating in sports.

Rehabilitation time is also reduced when using this alternative method to treating injuries. This is possible since acupuncture has been seen to release tense muscles causing for a more relaxed feel in the body. The techniques used will as well aid in helping inflammation that may be caused by the injury, thus reducing the amount of time it would normally take to recover under more common forms of treatment.

Sports can stress when the ability to perform at optimum levels is a concern. Acupuncture while treating injuries can allow for stress to be relieved. This can affect the body in a positive way that can not only allow for clearer minds but can help build the immune system up from other negative environmental affects that may come into the body.

Acupuncture Treatment Methods

When it comes to sports medicine there are methods are commonly taken. Acupuncture is only one of the methods that can be more beneficial than other forms of treatment. While there are many methods to insertion of needles for different needs, acupuncture for athletes use techniques that are meant to improve performance.

A three-pronged technique is used by some. This incorporates yin where muscles can be built to endure bursts of energy during sports and training. Yang on the other hand with this technique is meant solely for output of energy during the sports activity. These two are fairly common in all approaches to acupuncture. Individualization is considered highly important though with it, which brings the client in general into view with their specific problems.

Where to find the best Sports Acupuncturist

If one was to look, it would be pretty easy to find a place that handles sports injuries. If looking for a place that has experience in acupuncture and sports injuries, the Dayton Medical Center is one of the best to go to. Located in Miami, it is considered the oldest facility incorporating conventional and alternative medicine. Dr. Martin Dayton, founded this medical facility in 1973, and since then this center has become a leading holistic medical practice in the country.

Acupuncture is becoming more common in the western world. With the many areas that acupuncture covers when treating injuries, especially those that may be sports related it is possible to see why many turn to this alternative form of medicine. While it may not be the most conventional method, it is highly effective in increasing performance, stamina, and releasing stress from the mind and muscles.

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