Top Miami Physiatrist Centers

Top Miami Physiatrist Centers are here to serve you. With the use of world wide treatment options Dr. Dayton and his group is determined to help you feel better. At Dayton Medical Center they specialize in conventional and alternative Medicine practices. Helping you get back your life. Miami Physiatrist Centers are a place where healing can start. Medical Wellness Center Miami is your go to spot for any physical or mental ailment. They have an Alternative Medicine Clinic like Health Quest Integrative Medicine Center. With conventional and non conventional medical practices you will receive care specially tailored for your ailment. … Continue reading

Holistic Treatment Miami

Dayton Medical Center is known as one of the leading holistic, alternative healing centers in the nation. Certainly, patients who are told by mainstream conventional doctors that there is no cure for their condition are presented optimism and a treatment plan at Dayton Medical Center. The Miami medical clinic, which is situated across from Miami Beach’s Atlantic Ocean, integrates complementary, conventional, and alternative medicine. Illnesses ranging in severity from common colds to the progressive stage four cancers are treated by Dayton Medical Center in Miami. Dr. Martin Dayton is vastly considered as one of the top doctors practicing an integrative … Continue reading

Alternative Medicine Miami: Dayton Medical Center

Sometimes the usual ways to treat a medical problem just do not get the desired results. Everyone is different and their bodies will have a different response to procedures that are commonly used. This is why there are great alternative medicine options available for those that believe it will be a better solution. Doctors at the Dayton Medical Clinic may even suggest some of these routes because they have been known to help. Depending on the situation they may just be the best option. Although they are not as commonly used they have been tested thoroughly to be as safe … Continue reading

Affordable Miami Medical Center

Are you an individual who is the Miami, Florida area and is looking for a health center? Then you need to check into the Miami Medical Center. At this center there are different types of doctors, for different type of situations, along with which type of treatment a patient is wanting. This medical center makes sure that their patients only get the best treatment that is possible. The treatment is based on what the patient wants. The center also offers coaching through lifestyle eating changes, along with exercise plans. There is a Miami doctor who is strictly just a physician … Continue reading

Using Alternative Medicine to Treat Cancer

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer and live in the Miami area, working with Dr. Martin Dayton could prove to be a wise and life-changing decision. Dr. Dayton is the Medical Director at the Dayton Medical Center, where patients are treated in the areas of hormone replacement therapy and cell therapy and receive IV treatments. There are also a number of alternative treatments available at Dayton Medical Center. Dr. Dayton is qualified to treat patients using natural remedies, as he was a fellow at the International College of Applied Nutrition, and is a licensed Arizona … Continue reading