The Many Healing Benefits of Alternative Medicine

Many people today are looking for alternative forms of medicine to help them better cope with a whole host of medical conditions, Chinese Medicine Miami is a good example. While traditional medicine can prove to be quite helpful for people, often times people find that modern traditional medicine does not go far enough to remedy certain ailments. This is where people start to look for alternative medicine approaches. The fact is, that up until the last 100 years, alternative medicine was primarily known as the more predominant way to practice medicine. However, with the advancement of modern technology, many people … Continue reading

History of Alternative Medicine

Many people consider alternative medicine to be on the fringe of modern technology however, alternative medicine doctors have been around since the beginning of time. In today’s modern medical world many are shunning the high cost of medical care in exchange for alternative holistic medicine methods. These methods, when combined with knowledge learned in life about medical conditions, can often help ease medical symptoms. Here are a few alternative forms of medicine to get you started. Mesmerism Developed by Franz Anton Mesmer (1734–1815), Mesmerism focuses on the belief of magnetism, and the therapeutic abilities of magnets. Franz believed that illness … Continue reading

Alternative Medicine You Can Trust

If there is anything in medicine that completes the circle between the ancient and the modern, it is the combination of conventional and holistic doctor approach. The tradition that forms the foundation of holistic medicine is many thousands of years old. This knowledge has been successfully used by Dr. Martin Dayton, a licensed Osteopathic physician and surgeon in Florida, to treat people around the nation. Today, the importance of both conventional as well as alternative medicine Miami, that are specifically health-promoting is essentially a reexamination of the knowledge gained by the great healers of old. After all, the scientific search … Continue reading

Natural Alternative Treatments for Cancer in Miami

Natural alternative cancer treatments in Miami are being explored with some success using alternative holistic medicine. Doctors and laymen have more information on nutrition than ever before in history. People have always known certain foods created a positive reaction on certain illnesses while not having the written studies or chemical information to backup findings. These health discoveries today are called alternative holistic medicine. Practiced for centuries, people have survived major illnesses by using natural elements rather than succumbing to surgeries or conventional drugs. Dayton Medical Clinic helps patients deal with the frustration and sometimes debilitating effects of cancer. The lack … Continue reading

How to Get Medical Insurance to Cover Alternative Medicine Treatments

Medical insurance coverage can be confusing to many people. People often have many questions about what types of treatments their insurance will cover, especially when it comes to complimentary and alternative medical treatments, also known as CAM treatments. There are various types of alternative medical treatments that can be covered by insurance policies, such as acupuncture and other types of complimentary medicine. There are several things you can do in order to get coverage on alternative medical treatments. CAM treatments include any type of mind and body treatments and acupuncture, but it is a broad field of medical treatments. Mediation, … Continue reading