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Life is an experience that is unique to every individual being that is alive.

Life is an experience that is unique to every individual being that is alive. There are no 2 beings that are exactly the same. It is necessary to treat every person as their own entity because of those differences. It is up to every individual person to decide what is right for them in all aspects of their life. This includes alternative medical treatments when they become necessary. However, given that every person is a unique individual with their own personality and needs, sometimes the rigid protocols behind medical procedures and treatments are not enough to meet all of their needs.

Thankfully there exist a good number of alternative medicine doctors who focus on holistic healing approaches with the use of natural remedies. The Dayton Medical Center is a Miami Medical Center that is dedicated to the field of alternative treatments and natural methods. At the medical center that is run under the guidance of Doctor Martin Dayton, Doctor Dayton and the team of medical professionals that work with him are highly trained in diverse areas of holistic healing practices. You can get both alternative medicine treatments and conventional medical treatments as you desire. The treatments available are comprehensive and cover a wide range of areas.

The medical practices offered at the Miami Medical Center are designed to treat ailments, but also to strengthen the bodies systems against future afflictions. Treatment and preventative medicine, as well as healthy lifestyle choices are all a part of the approach taken at the Dayton Medical Center. The available treatments include practices such as: acupuncture, mind/body connections, anti-aging treatments, and osteopathic medicine. These are designed to be of the utmost utility to as many people as possible, and to treat myriads of health concerns as completely as possible.

All treatments offered by Doctor Dayton and his staff of other care providers are designed to treat people as a whole. Instead of focusing solely on the treatment of the symptoms of an ailment, holistic medicine aims to make a person’s whole body well. By treating a person’s body and mind as a whole unit, holistic medicine can make a person healthier all around. When a person functions as a healthy whole, they will experience a great range of benefits. Not only will their immune systems function at optimal levels, but they can also experience increases in energy, and overall feelings of well being.

The emphasis of this medical center is on treating a person as completely as possible through natural methods. Natural treatments try to eliminate synthetic substances from a person’s body, usually through diet. Homeopathic treatments are also available, which focus on the use of non-toxic substances to work on the energies within a person’s body. There are also treatments wherein certain substances are injected into specific areas of an individual’s body to provide nutrients and other things that the area of the injection site may be lacking. There are a number of service options that are available for people depending upon their desires and needs.

Treatment is offered on a mostly outpatient basis, but Dayton Medical Center does retain hospital privileges. There are home services that are available for certain individuals when need dictates that visiting the medical center would present a hardship on someone. Access to care is also available outside of the usual clinic hours. Certain types of therapies, including intravenous therapies, are available for individuals as well as groups. The kind of care and how it will be provided will be something that is discussed between the patient and care providers before treatment plans are drafted and put into effective use.

Diagnostic tools that are in use at this particular clinic include the use of electro-dermal testing and bio-feedback techniques. The services offered by the alternative medicine Doctors at the Dayton Medical Center are well worth checking out whether you are new to the concept of natural remedies or are an experienced patient of holistic medical options. Making an appointment is fast and easy, simply visit the website at where you can fill out a simple electronic form, or to find contact information for where you can call for more information. Holistic medicine really works.

Alternative Medicine: Cell Therapy

Using Alternative Medicine for cell therapy treatment

No one should have to endure pain, suffer un-diagnosed symptoms.

No one should have to endure pain, suffer un-diagnosed symptoms, or live reduced lifestyle because they are suffering. The professionals at Dayton Medical Clinic can ensure that you reestablish your life and life pain free. They will treat you as an individual and offer you alternatives to the types of treatment you may have been presented in the past. The optimal goal is to ensure thatyou are no longer suffering, no longer in pain, and able to life to its full potential.

Dr. Martin Dayton and his team are determined that you receive the care you deserve. Dr. Dayton is well-educated, continuously learning, and ensuring that he is kept current with the ever changing world of medicine. His office is well-educated, continuously learning, and keeping current with the ever changing world of medicine.

The office is a leader in alternative medicine. Alternative medicine: cell therapy is provided for a list of medical conditions and health issues. The medical professionals at Dayton Medical will treat straightforward conditions like allergies and colds or intricate diseases like cancer that has developed into the final stages. Each patient can rest assured that his/her condition will be treated with the highest degree dedication and attention. Even a condition as simple as a cold is taken seriously.

Incorporating alternative medicine, holistic medicine and conventional forms of care are combined in an effort to offer each patient the best solution for his/her situation. The medical professionals review the symptoms that are present, overall health, and present condition to establish a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis. You will be asked to explain what you feel and what worries you have about your health. You will also discuss the forms of treatment that you are more inclined to use, and what you hope the treatment will resolve. Ultimately, the healthcare professional wants to learn more about you, your concerns, and your views on treatment. This is all information that will help diagnose any condition and create a treatment plan that you agree with and will work.

The next step is to determine the health issue. Is it a bodily imbalance like a vitamin deficiency or toxicity? Is it a mental or emotional problem? Is it a particular illness or condition? The questions are answered to derive at an answer to what the symptoms mean. Next the medical professional will discuss various forms of treatment placing a prominence on natural treatments, less invasive procedures, and a holistic approach to healing.

Whatever the decision for treatment is, you will be knowledgeable on every possibility. The physician will discuss the advantage and disadvantages of each option, and what that means to your particular situation. When you make the choice of what treatment option you want, you will make a well-informed decision.

Dayton medical professionals are constantly learning upcoming treatments and ensuring that they are up-to-date with all of the techniques, medical tools, and procedures that are constantly being changed and introduced into the medical field. Cell therapy is no different. Whether it be the transplanting of cells like stem or progenitor or introducing cells from an outside donor, you can rest assured that Dayton Medical is capable of the procedure. Not only are they capable, they will discuss every option with you to ensure that you make the decision that is right for you. Maybe the best choice is a transplant of healthy and functioning cells or modified cells, either way to medical professionals are here to ensure that the procedure is as pleasant as possible for you.

The level of expertise that you will find at Dayton Medical Clinic is outstanding. Each healthcare professional works with the intent to discover the best solution for each patient. No two patients are alike, and they ensure each is treated with respect, unwavering attention, and time that he/she deserves.

Uncovering Alternative Medicine

Benifits of Alternative Medicine

There is nothing more important than good health. Health is at the center of all your activities.

There is nothing more important than good health. Health is at the center of all your activities. Your job, hobbies, outdoor activities; everything you do revolves around health.

Where Do You Turn When Health Issues Arise?

We live in times where health is jeopardized. Your health is jeopardized by stress, toxins, processed foods, and lifestyles, e.g., overeating, lack of exercise, poor sleep.

If you look closely, you’ll see that modern medicine sets it sights on treating patients, not curing. To be fair we must acknowledge the fact that modern medicine does save lives, but we also know there are side-effects associated with these synthetic drugs. This is one reason we need to look at natural remedies.

Alternative Medicines – Natural Remedies

Alternative medicines can sometimes scare people because it’s unknown. The study of medicine in the western states focuses primarily on patient treatments through the use of modern drugs.

Alternative medicine uses more natural remedies to enhance the body’s ability to treat itself. Some of the more common areas of study are:

– Acupuncture
– Metabolic Therapy
– TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine
– Holistic Doctor
Homeopathic Doctor

There are other disciplines such as meditation and yoga that fit into the mix, but we want to focus on uncovering alternative medicines.

What Conditions Can Alternative Medicine Treat?

Alternative medicine treats a wide range of conditions and diseases. The common cold isn’t devastating, but it can sure make you miserable. On the other hand, finding out that you have cancer will be devastating news. We illustrate such a wide range of conditions because alternative medicine is used to treat a wide range of conditions and diseases.

Alternative medicine is personalized. Medical centers offering alternative options focus more on the individual patient as compared to modern medicine where the treatment is more “one size fits all.”

Alternative medicine tries to get at the core of the problem. Tests are done to determine vitamin deficiencies, chemical imbalances, nutritional needs, toxicity overload, and other issues. This is in contrast to modern medicine where the symptom is treated, not the underlying cause.

Example: Intravenous Therapy

One example of an alternative option is intravenous therapy. Intravenous therapy is the infusion of liquids directly into the vein. The following are some of the alternative treatments used in IV therapy:

– Glutathione
– PK Protocol
– Silver Hydrosol

Each of these IV therapies has a specific purpose. These therapies have been used to treat cancer, Lupus, high blood pressure, and other degenerative diseases. This is just one example of how alternative medicine has incorporated traditional therapies using natural remedies.

Finding a Medical Center

Finding a medical center that is experienced in both conventional and non-conventional methods can be difficult.

At Dayton Medical Center (Alternative Medicine Miami), they practice both holistic and integrative medicine. The Dayton Center is one of Florida’s oldest medical facilities incorporating complementary, conventional, and alternative medicine (CAM) under one roof. The best care for a patient is one that uses the best treatments from each method, and that’s what Dayton does best.

Dayton offers a full range of alternative practices and therapies. They have been successfully treating patients for more than 40 years now using both conventional and alternative technologies.

Your body wants to heal itself but at times it needs help. You can give it this help by using alternative therapies.

Let us help, give us a call at (305)-931-8484, or visit us at Dayton Medical. We’re experienced, we listen, and we can help. Call today.

Alternative Medicine: Chiropractic

Physicians using Alternative Medicine

Chiropractic care is considered to be one of the main alternative remedies.

Chiropractic care is considered to be one of the main alternative medicine for people who suffer from back and neck problems. This approach to treating these problems involves diagnosing patients with neck and back problems as well as both the treatment and the prevention of further problems. Chiropractic care is entirely concerned with neuromusculoskeletal systems and the way in which they effect patients.

Manual therapy is the type of therapy used by Chiropractors and involves adjustment of the joints as well as the manipulation of them. While this is practiced in more than 100 countries in every region of the world, it is the most popular in Australia, North America and select parts of Europe.

The practice of chiropractic care first began in 1895. D.D. Palmer is a healer from Davenport, Iowa and he was the first to practice this type of medicine. Ever since then, there has been much controversy surrounding chiropractic care. There is not a lot of medical evidence to support the fact that spinal dysfunction causes issues in with the neuromusculoskeletal system that must be treated by a chiropractor. This is the main reason why there is so much controversy surrounding chiropractic care.

Types Of Chiropractor
There are two different types of Chiropractors; straight and mixers. Straight chiropractors treat patients according to certain philosophical principles put in place by both B.J. and D.D Palmer. This type of chiropractor works on the belief that the human nervous system is effected by the vertebral subluxation, which is a risk factor associated with many diseases. Straight chiropractors refuse to use any other type of medicine in conjunction with the art of chiropractic care because they do not believe in other types of medicine. They work hard to separate themselves from those who provide mainstream healthcare to their patients. Mixer Chiropractors are willing to use a combination of different types of medicine in conjunction with chiropractic care. They take approaches to diagnosis and treatment from medical viewpoints and osteopathic viewpoints as well. Mixer Chiropractors believe that subluxation contributes to many different types of diseases. They often use diagnosis from the world of mainstream medicine. When it comes to treating patients they believe in using a combination of physical therapy techniques such as wet heat, ice packs and massage. They also often prescribe nutritional supplements to their patients, as well as perform homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal therapy. This is the type of treatment that most Chiropractors believe in. When it comes to their approach to clinical care, many Chiropractors in America believe in using an approach based on the idea of subluxation as opposed to non-subluxation.

When it comes to being treated for chiropractic issues, Miami doctors believe in using natural remedies. For this reason, it is easy to get quality chiropractic care in the area. Regardless of which type of chiropractor a person chooses to use, most find a great deal of physical relief after they are treated by caring professionals who are passionate about caring for patients.

Miami Medical Alternative Medicine

Miami Medical Alternative MedicineWhile modern medicine has done so much to cure many different conditions, there are some things things that alternative medicine can be used to relieve. Those who have seen many different types of traditional doctors and still not found what they are looking for may be at the end of their ropes. Alternative medicine can provide relief of things like chronic pain, and there are many different processes by which this can be done. There are centers which will work with patients to find all of the best treatments and look at them as an individual. Dayton Medical Center offers many different approaches to helping people to get well.

Alternative medicine Miami can offer people different things like acupuncture Miami Beach, checking for any underlying problems and other alternative approaches. No matter what a person is dealing with, whether it is cancer or just the flu, alternative medicine doctors can help people to start feeling better. These doctors will check to see what could be causing these illnesses, from problems like emotional issues to body toxicity. Alternative medicine doctors will consider different treatment options like acupuncture Miami Beach. This can help people to feel better throughout their day and it may even help them to start to treat their current problem.

Other types of alternative medicine Miami are homeopathy and chiropractors. These chiropractors can help to realign people both in their back and in the rest of their body. Those who are having some back pain may get the most out of it, and it can help with other types of pain as well. Having this adjustment can help people to start feeling better through everything they have to do in their day. Homeopathy can help people to determine what they might need to do or take in order to start treating their disease. A good alternative medicine doctor will know what to look and what to give a person in order start making people feel a little bit better.

Doctors can also test to see if there is any toxicity in a patient’s body. This can cause people to feel very sick, so when an alternative doctor can start to make this feel a little bit better. There are several different alternative treatments that can help this problem, and a good doctor can offer several different remedies that will get people healthy fast. Patients here won’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals getting in their body and making them feel worse than they already do.

Those who feel that they are not getting the help that they need from traditional doctors may be interested in looking into what alternative medicine can offer them. People may not want to be subjected to treatments which enter radiation or chemicals into their bodies. Some people don’t like the side effects of normal medications, and they may want to see if there is something else that they can do to start feeling better. Taking on a chance on this new kind of alternative medicine in Miami can help people to start feeling better.