Exploring Your Alternative Therapies Options

People with physical disabilities require meticulous care from a professional known as a physiatrist. A physiatrist is a physician that treats pain caused by physical illness, disorders, and injury. Fortunately for the residents of Miami, there are plenty of physiatrists to choose from at the Miami medical center. However, having plenty of options can create a dilemma. Finding a physiatrist that caters to a patient’s specific needs can be a strenuous task. Patients must consider three factors when looking for a physiatrist such as their specific physical needs, the types of therpies they prefer to use, and the ways they … Continue reading

What Should Women do when Approaching Menopause?

Most women are in dreadful fear of the mere thought of impending Menopause. The symptoms that accompany this stage of life occurrence are numerous. The varying symptoms can range from mild to severe. The time frame that Menopause can last also varied from person to person. These symptoms can last from a few months to over a decade. The time frame varies that much. A good indicator that some medical professionals use to determine the time frame is the patient’s closest female relatives, mother, grandmother, older sisters. Some of these symptoms that women may have are hot flashes, mood swings, … Continue reading

Dayton Medical Center – One Stop for Your Medical Needs

Over the past decade, scientific research has shown numerous benefits to patients of chronic pain short term and/or terminal illness seeking alternative remedies to complement their health regime. A health clinic, such as Dayton Medical Center, understands the need for patients to have a one stop medical facility that offers alternative as well as conventional medical assistance. Dr. Martin Dayton, founder and an Osteopathic physician, is providing a state of the art facility for Miami residents. Alternative medicine utilizes a wide range of therapies and treatments which may not be offered at a conventional medical facility. Luckily, Dayton Medical Center … Continue reading

How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Affect You

During the perimenopause and menopause stages in a woman’s life the hormones can get out of control. This can cause a drastic change in mood and personality that can leave some women feeling hopeless. However, if these changes are really drastic there is alternative remedies that can be used to solve them. This includes hormone replacement therapy that can be a risky treatment but it can make the patient feel much better emotionally. Medicine has come a long way to improve the lives of people and this is just one of the examples. At the Miami Medical Center they will … Continue reading

Treating Cancer with Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine to treat Cancer can be a godsend to many people who have thought there was no alternative. Today more doctors are aware of herbal therapy and more and more independent research is being done regarding these issues. But there are also other kinds of ‘alternative’ methods for healing as well. Research has been done on humor, and a less stressful environment, both which are beneficial to apply, whether you have health issues or not. Another beneficial method for health care is hypnosis. It has been found that if people are hypnotized before operations, less anesthetic is required. Its … Continue reading