Dayton Medical Center – One Stop for Your Medical Needs

Dayton Medical Center - One Stop for Your Medical Needs

Integrating medicine from around the world

Over the past decade, scientific research has shown numerous benefits to patients of chronic pain short term and/or terminal illness seeking alternative remedies to complement their health regime. A health clinic, such as Dayton Medical Center, understands the need for patients to have a one stop medical facility that offers alternative as well as conventional medical assistance. Dr. Martin Dayton, founder and an Osteopathic physician, is providing a state of the art facility for Miami residents.

Alternative medicine utilizes a wide range of therapies and treatments which may not be offered at a conventional medical facility. Luckily, Dayton Medical Center offers complementary medicine in order to provide their patients more options. Complementary medicine combines beliefs of both conventional and alternative remedies, giving patients the best of both worlds.

At times the use of alternative medicine alone is highly debated. That’s why Dr. Martin Dayton has a practice that is extremely beneficial and a necessity for the growth and development of Miami alternative medicine. Patients want additional non-evasive medical care with long term results. Therefore, Dr. Dayton and his team offer Osteopathic, Chinese, Anti-Aging and Mind Body medical care. He and his staff has been well trained in healing its patients from the inside out, including focus on the mind, body and soul.

Granting patient’s access to both Eastern and Western medical practices under one roof is an invaluable offering. Nearly four out of ten patients engage in complementary medicine. In addition to treating patients with chronic illness or one-time ailments, complementary medicine is also utilized by healthy patients. Practices such as homeopathy and acupuncture are used by both categories of patients for either preventative health measures or to avoid standard drugs.

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese Medicine that’s been used for thousands of years and is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Thin needles are used to shift and manipulate the body’s natural energy flow, also known as Qi. When the body’s energy and seven chakras are in balance, physical ailments due to pain, stress and energy blockage dissipates. Close to 3 million United States residents are reaping the enormous improvements upon one’s health that acupuncture can provide. Dayton Medical Center believes combining acupuncture with Western medicine if needed for optimal results.

Massage is another extremely popular option for alternative medicine. Massage is ranked as one of the top ten most popular alternative medical treatments in the world. Conversely, it’s been highly debated as to whether massage is a legitimate medical treatment. Miami alternative medicine and Dr. Martin Dayton staff is reliant on massage as a healthy option for healing as well. Not only does a massage relieve pain and muscle tension, but a study done at the University of Miami gives evidence to the improvement of the immune system after massages.

Strictly focusing on the body can provide some relief for patients. However, making sure that the mind and spirit are at its highest level of functionality is known to provide patients with longer term relief because of being more content with life. That’s why additional mind services such as hypnotherapy and others.

Having a multi-dimensional medical facility is a true jewel for the residents of Miami. Dayton Medical Center has made it their mission to provide the best and most comprehensive care. Give them a call to make an appointment today.

How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Affect You

Hormone Replacement Therapy

During the perimenopause and menopause stages in a woman’s life the hormones can get out of control.

During the perimenopause and menopause stages in a woman’s life the hormones can get out of control. This can cause a drastic change in mood and personality that can leave some women feeling hopeless. However, if these changes are really drastic there is alternative remedies that can be used to solve them. This includes hormone replacement therapy that can be a risky treatment but it can make the patient feel much better emotionally. Medicine has come a long way to improve the lives of people and this is just one of the examples. At the Miami Medical Center they will use this treatment with professional expertise in order to make sure that everything goes fine.

During menopause there are extreme shifts in the balance of the different sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. While these hormones have been at different levels throughout the life of a woman this is a much bigger change. The body is used to small changes but this change may cause some mental and emotional harm. This can affect the endocrine system and may cause some physical aspects of the body harm as well. There are three common sex hormone deficiencies that can change a woman’s body. Estrogen deficiency can cause the common signs of menopause including hot flashes and night sweats. Testosterone deficiency which can cause mood swings and a lack of a sex drive. And Progesterone deficiency which will lead to irritability and anxiety. Miami Hormone Replacement Therapy can use the latest alternative medicine treatments in order to fix all of this.

A natural way to solve these problems can be used which is called phototherapy. This is using herbs that resemble the sex hormones in the woman’s body. Not only can it really help women in menopause but it can solve severe cases without having to turn to more complicated treatments that may damage the body. Phytocrines, as the herbs are called, allow the cells to get the data they need by binding to the hormone receptors. They also can imitate the functions of sex hormones and push the body to produce more of them by stimulating the body tissues. At Dayton Medical Center there are the experts that will know if this is the right way to treat the body before moving to other methods.

Systemic hormone therapy is the most common form of hormone replacement therapy. This is a medication that can come in many different forms that has human estrogen inside of it. This will keep some of the symptoms of menopause away including night sweats and hot flashes. There is also low dose vaginal products that can treat vaginal symptoms and urinary problems without spreading into the body to cause other problems. However, it should be noted that these treatments can cause more problems than they help. They should only be used in case of extreme problems with sex hormone balance.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a treatment that can solve the problems of menopause but it is dangerous. It can cause a rise in the risk of many different diseases and cancers so it should be taken with caution and at low doses. At Miami Hormone Replacement Therapy they have the skills needed to determine whether or not this is the right choice for any woman.

Treating Cancer with Alternative Medicine

Treating Cancer

Did you know that you can treat cancer with Alternative Medicine?

Alternative Medicine to treat Cancer can be a godsend to many people who have thought there was no alternative. Today more doctors are aware of herbal therapy and more and more independent research is being done regarding these issues. But there are also other kinds of ‘alternative’ methods for healing as well. Research has been done on humor, and a less stressful environment, both which are beneficial to apply, whether you have health issues or not. Another beneficial method for health care is hypnosis. It has been found that if people are hypnotized before operations, less anesthetic is required.

Its especially helpful for you to take charge of your own treatment as well, and ask good questions about your symptoms and available ‘cures’.
Some people never consider themselves to be cured of cancer, and indeed the general term for cancer when it is no longer detected is that it is in ‘remission’. And of course, your attitude towards you health condition is a large part of your recovery. Belief has been studied as well, and how strong your ability to is to control your own perception of yourself can be a big part of your personal therapy.
Miami Doctors are aware of strategies concerning alternative medical care and generally most herbal therapy has no side effects regarding your regulate care. After all, herbs are just vegetable in their natural state, indeed that’s why they are generally categorized as food supplements.
Medical Clinic Miami is a good place to seek cancer care, because the Latin community is so prominent there. The Cuban community has been historically aware of these methods of ‘cure’ because their historical heritage made it so. Its diverse culturally, and because their early settlement in the ‘new world’ made them rely on the heritage that made them. Of course, like all home based remedies, some was effective, some not. But the importance was that they were forced to rely on home methods, and of course the ineffective remedies fell by the wayside while those that were realistic and best lasted. So the Latin culture, which drove the ideas regarding alternative methods and now include other Latin influence was a good place of incubation for all kinds of alternative work including hypnosis, and other things.
Dayton Medical Center, is an excellent place and way to approach your medical strategies. This demonstrates that you have thought about how you would like to attack your problem. The fact that you have thought well about your desired approach helps in making you better.
Miami Doctors will have that special influence, whether they are Latin or not, due to the fact that their social environment includes holistic medicine entrenched wholly or partially. One can’t help but notice that the international factor causes a more continental approach to everything including medicine.
Medical Clinic Miami will help you in all its aspects of wellness, and may even be able to approach you needs in the way the other medical cultures do, thinking in terms of preventative therapy, instead of disease based culture, the way western medicine thinks.
Alternative Medicine Cancer can only benefit you, unlike much of western medicine which costs the body its reserves, lowering the immune system in the process. Many herbal therapies build the immune system while correcting other dysfunctions at the same time.
So With the help of Alternative Medicine Cancer, you can approach your care on your own terms. Alternative Medicine Cancer will help your needs.

Help Your Chronic Pain the Alternative Way

Chronic Pain

There are alternative ways to help heal your chronic pain issues.

Chronic pain is bad news. More than 50 million of people over the age of forty suffer from some form of pain. It is the pain that persists over a long stretch of time, and tend to resist many conventional treatments. Many reasons and symptoms surround this pain, occurring most frequently due to psychological factors such as depression, stress and anxiety. It may also be the result of underlying health conditions such as osteoporosis, cancer, Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease or simply a stooped posture while sitting or walking. Symptoms include low back pain, loss of height, headache and increased risk of fracture and other illnesses.

Chronic pain can also be a result of traumatic injury, improper lifting of heavy objects, aging or obesity. Chronic inflammatory conditions are related to a higher illness risk, and even a slightly weak immune system can trigger this condition affecting the overall health. They are in fact a bigger red flag than many other diseases. If you are one of those people who suffer from chronic pain and traditional medications are making you groggy or moody, there are some effective alternative ways followed in Medicine Clinic Miami to manage it.


People with chronic pain can choose to change the ways they feel and make the entire process a positive scenario by undergoing this simple technique followed by the Chinese for nearly 2000 years. Small needles are inserted under the skin at various locations that calms down the painful parts of the body and help build resistant to it gradually. It does, however, take more than one or two sessions, some patience and some natural healing strategies to be fully effective.

One of the most important things you must do while having chronic pain due to bad ergonomics is make a commitment to changing your postures by first undergoing treatment from a chiropractor – a specialist who treats spine and musculo-skeletal disorders. The treatment given to you may depend on the pain severity and body condition.
Electrical Stimulation

Do not worry that you will have to go through the whole process of treatment everyday because some procedures are designed in sessions allowing the patient to recover in stages and heal naturally. Electrical stimulation is an alternative procedure where electricity pulses are applied for a brief duration under the skin where the pain is felt. The body is then allowed to heal itself. Brain stimulation is another treatment where the same electrical method is used to control the pain. Here electrodes are surgically implanted in the brain and the stimulation is controlled externally. However, there are risks associated with this treatment, so it is necessary for you and your doctor to decide if this procedure is right for you.
Stress and Anger Management

It is important for you to have control over your emotions and managing stress is one of the natural remedies. This strategy must be foremost in the minds of patients that suffer from chronic pain due to whatever reason, if they want to see a change within their body. Most pain related to head are really due to stress and anger disguised as chronic pain. They need to be addressed as such and not to be confused with your body’s response to environmental factors. It is easier to fight these pain types though yoga, meditation, massage and breathing techniques.

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Think before you munch because most illnesses begin in the mouth. However, controlling what you eat is a long process and requires strict commitment to it. Eating a well-balanced food is very crucial in getting rid of chronic pain. Fresh fruits, vegetables and nut provide the required vitamins, minerals and other nutrition to the body to distract your mind from the pain and heal the body naturally. Make sure to get plenty of exercise in the mean time. Walking, stretching, cardiovascular activities, bike riding and swimming strengthen the body muscles and make them active. If obesity is the cause, focus your diet and lifestyle in reducing the excess body fat.

You can’t change the intensity of pain without one or combination of the above treatments and no treatment is complete without the help of Dayton Medical Clinic that can turn your health around.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary Medicine

Complementary and Alternative medicine provide you with many different therapy options for any condition.

Across the world physicians and healthcare providers are searching out what are seen as new and improved ways of finding answers to the treatment problems of their patients, like Miami Doctors. In many cases the new treatments doctors are finding are based on ancient treatments and therapies now placed in the medical category known as complementary and alternative medicine. These treatments are generally based on the idea of realigning the energies of the body to help treat medical conditions ranging from simple colds and allergies through to more serious conditions like various forms of cancer and auto immune conditions.

Complementary and alternative medicines are largely based on ancient principles and can include a large variety of treatments in which the patient has a large say in the course of the treatment. When looking for Alternative medicine Miami residents know a trip to the Dayton Medical Center can help them treat medical conditions in a natural or complementary way to work alongside conventional medical treatments. In many cases patients arrive at the Medical Wellness Center Miami when they have exhausted every other treatment opportunity or are frustrated at the lack of a definitive diagnosis.

The Dayton Medical Center offers both conventional and complementary treatment options in an attempt to provide relief from pain and suffering from medical conditions. Offering mainstream therapies available through the majority of hospitals in the U.S. the offering of alternative and complementary medical treatments can be used to speed the recovery time for patients or help relieve recognized symptoms.

Many complementary and alternative therapies work by restoring natural balance and detoxifying the human body from the poisons found in the modern world. One therapy offered through Dayton Medical Center is Chelation therapy, which is concerned with removing heavy metals and toxins from the human body. During the therapy a fluid containing chelating chemicals is transferred into the veins, which grabs onto heavy metals within the blood and withdraws them from the veins to improve the general well-being of the individual being treated.

Alternative injectionsare often used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including serious conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and MS. Injection therapies can be used to effectively target the specific areas of the body being affected by a disease or medical problem. In these therapies nutrients are delivered to the specific areas of the body being targeted in a bid to relieve painful or debilitating symptoms.

Not all the therapies offered at the Medical Wellness Center Miami are targeted directly at medical conditions and their symptoms. Many complementary and alternative therapies can be used in an effort to delay the signs of aging and make the individual receiving the therapy feel younger and energized. One of these treatments is a series of injections delivering a chemical known as GH3, which has been known about since the 1950’s and first used in the Eastern European country of Romania. The use of GH3 has been shown to limit the onset of aging skin and reduce the number of wrinkles visible to give people a younger appearance. The use of these injections is thought to help strengthen muscles, lungs and can help people affected by moods, which have a negative effect on the lives of individuals and their loved ones.